32nd ICTCT workshop in Warsaw, Poland on 25/26 October 2019

32nd ICTCT Conference in Warsaw, Poland on 24/25 October 2019

"Don't wait for accidents to happen"


Welcome to the 32nd ICTCT Conference webpage. The conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland on 24 – 25 October 2019 under the main topic:

“Vision zero for traffic fatalities and serious injuries – research questions and challenges”.

The objective of the conference is to support understanding and execution of suitable approaches towards a road traffic system in which no one is killed or seriously injured.

Conference topics

  • Improved data to support road safety analysis and policy development;
  • Technological developments in relation to road safety;
  • Safety aspects of urban transport planning and sustainable urban mobility;
  • Automated vehicles: safety consequences, public acceptance, and ethical considerations;
  • Interactions between road users, vehicles and infrastructure;
  • Safety issues for different types of road users – drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, etc.

Further information will be provided soon.

The conference is organised in close co-operation with the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Hope to see you in Warsaw, the Phoenix City (the city was reconstructed after World War II, which had left over 85% of its buildings in ruins).

Local Organiser

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology

Contact Person: Piotr Olszewski

Address: Armii Ludowej 16,
00-637 Warsaw, Poland
Tel.: +48 22 234 63 31
e-mail: p.olszewski@il.pw.edu.pl
Web: www.il.pw.edu.pl